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Introduction to the E-consultation workshop

This workshop discussed general issues around consultation and how technology is employed currently and how it might be developed in the future to assist consultation. We introduced participants to ways of using electronic consultation, with local and international examples. The emphasis was on maximising participation and ensuring all sectors, whether voluntary, public, or private, are fully engaged in consultation processes.

At the workshop, 80 participants learned how e-consultation is used in other countries, what technologies they could use, and could work out how to apply them to their own consultations.

You do not require any technical expertise to benefit from the report we are producing of this workshop. It is a starting point for understanding what e-consultation can offer, a chance to meet others involved in consultation and an opportunity to plan how to explore these emerging ideas in more detail.

This event is relevant for you if:

  • you have responsibility for proposing, planning or implementing policy,
  • you have responsibility for holding or responding to consultation exercises, or
  • You are interested in public participation.