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Here are some offline marketing techniques that can be used to promote e-Consultation activities as well as conventional consultation techniques.

Press conference
A joint press conference by all e-consultation stakeholders to promote its benefits (tangible and intangible) to all parties and to relate how an e-consultation is progressing.
Academic paper publications in Journals raises the awareness of such projects in the academic world; similar publications in public policy oriented practitioner journals are also effective in raising awareness of the possibilities available.
Exhibitions and Workshops
To exhibit an e-consultation project and seek feedback from target audiences.
These help to gauge citizen perceptions and to increase their awareness of e-consultation.
Joint ventures
Partnership with big corporations, for example International Business Machine (IBM), Fujitsu-Siemens, CISCO etc in order to borrow their expertise and, perhaps, outsource some of the work to them. Such initiatives help in raising the profile of e-consultation as well as increasing a broad range of expertise.
Network and raise the profile of the project in the international arena by working with governments from different countries.
World First E-Consultation conference
To be held at QUB: This group intends to organize the world's first e-consultation conference. This should generate publicity both in Ireland, the U.K., and internationally.
Get politicians involved
Find champions in spearheading and advocating e-consultation projects.