E-consultation for Dgov students 2008

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Peter Froggatt Centre 311 (computer lab)
1100-1230 on 13 Dec. 2008

Here are links to web sites that will be used during the session.


Near the beginning you will need to set up an account on Facebook (for use later in the session), and complete a quick survey on which technologies you have experienced (so you can spend time on the less familiar ones).



Types of knowledge

Do you want to collect explicit knowledge using quantitative techniques (see Lime Survey above), or tacit knowledge (e.g. feelings, experiences, stories) using qualitative techniques?

Or do you want to link stories to places?

Consultation stages

1. Defining the problem, identifying issues

2. Exploring the problem

3. Choosing and developing solutions

This includes both choice of options, and writing documents.

  • Writing wikiwiki pages (e.g. Wikipedia)
    • David Milliband set up a wikiwiki site at DEFRA, inviting people to write an environment contract between citizens and government.
    • The Guido Fawkes bloggers group edited it to satirise New Labour.
  • Other structures for collaborative writing
    • GRASS was developed by Aldo de Moor so that loggers and environmentalists could co-write a forestry policy for British Columbia.
  • Ranking alternatives

Engaging different types of participant

What kind of technology suits which kind of participant? Do we use different ones for young people, retired people, and large companies?

Think about how to get young people involved in a e-participation exercise, then how to get policy-makers involved.