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Benefits (***)

  1. What are the benefits?

Participation (***)

  1. Will more people take part than in conventional consultations?
  2. Does it help me reach groups who normally don't take part?

Results (***)

  1. Will it get different views?
  2. Can it improve the quality of results?
  3. Is there a potential for creativity?
  4. Will it help me analyse the results?

Costs (***)

  1. Will it cost more or less?

Time (***)

  1. Can it save me time?

Resources (***)

  1. What resources will I need to make it work?

Strategies (***)

  1. What are the most important issues to consider in formulating a strategy?
    1. For consultation, and
    2. E-consultation?

Processes (**)

  1. What processes are involved in e-consultation?

Process change (**)

  1. How does technology make a difference?

Case studies (**)

  1. Give me a brief example of a success.
  2. Give me a brief account of a failure (what can go wrong?)

Guidelines (**)

  1. Are there any standard guidelines for:
    1. consultation
    2. e-consultation?

FAQ (*)