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  1. What technical knowledge/expertise should be available in-house?
  2. How much time is required for implementation of the ICT technology selected?
  3. What support, documentation, help are available to implement ICT technology?
  4. How much maintenance, training is needed in order to be able to use the technology?
  5. Is required to customise/change technology to meet envisage use of technology?
  6. Will it be accessible to both participants and consulter?
  7. What are the stages in organising an e-consultation.
  8. What are the design differences between online & traditional techniques? In terms of using surveys, for example?
  9. Will it be possible for me to know where exactly in the policy-making process my involvement will take place? Is it at the agenda setting, formulation, or implementation stage?


  1. What are the most important issues to consider in formulating a strategy?
    1. For consultation, and
    2. E-consultation?