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Time (***)

Will it take longer to set up and organise or will it save time?

Cost (**)

I normally have a set budged. Will e-consultation be a cost effective option?

How long does it take to

  • recruit - support staff? / participants?
  • Promote the process?
  • Translate the process to an online environment?
  • Set up the technologies? (do I need approval?)
  • How long should it run for?
  • What other tasks?

Engagement (***)

What level of engagement does issuing body require?

How can participants be encouraged to engage actively?

What type of relationship needs to be formed to promote engagement?

What moderation is required?


Case studies (***)

Participation (***)

Is there a target audience?

What is anappropriate number of particpants in terms of process/ technololgy?

What is the critical mass for effective participation?

Skills (***)

What skills will I need?

Will those particpating require training/ guidance?

Usability (***)

How can I insure that people aren't excluded due to usability issues?

Results (***)

Benefits (**)

What is e-consultation (***)

Resources ()

Relationships (**)

FAQ (***)

Promotion (**)

Why e-consultation (***)

Guidelines (**)

Translation (***)

Stages (***)

Security (***)

Process change (***)

Technology (*)

Transparency ()

Technology matching (***)

Design, planning (***)

Processes (***)

Strategies (***)