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What is Web 2.0, and how can it be used to engage citizens and stakeholder groups in governance?

That is the theme of a talk Dr. David Newman, of the Queen's University Management School, gave at the IT in Government 2007, Northern Ireland conference.

Learning from each other: engaging stakeholders using Web 2.0

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How do know that your customers are satisfied with your services? Should you be doing things differently? What do stakeholders want from government? To find out, you need to engage citizens. We now have ICTs that you can use to learn from stakeholders. With two-way communication, people don't just read what you tell them, but can tell you what they think is important. Dr. Newman will show how Web 2.0 tools can be used to acquire and manage knowledge from many people inside and outside your organisation, based on his extensive research into e-consultation.

  1. What is new about Web 2.0?
  2. Uses of Web 2.0 in e-government
  3. Our work on e-consultation: study group and research project
  4. E-consultation and Web 2.0

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